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I have traveled the long road of life and seen many things, some cruel, some beautiful. I have always been open to the many wonders of life, like a young flower grows up towards the sun. The light I have found within gives me a radiant warmth, and shines a soft glow of brilliance to all those who are willing to open their mind. Hopefully you will join me on this magnificent path to self enlightenment; search for the truth and accept nothing else. It is your right to be free.

Jonathan Edward Avis was born on the 8th of September 1996 in East London and was raised in the small town Grahamstown, Easter Cape, South Africa. He was educated at the private school St Andrews before going to university at Rhodes. After struggling with a minor drug addiction, Jonathan triumphantly made his way through rehab where he found his love for words and poetry along with a desire to understand the deeper meaning of life and all its unanswered questions.

The Beginning of a New Beginning


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