Author - Jonathan Avis

Focus Poems... Real Stories



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The fear of the end is very real.

The unknown void scares many,

yet many have been there

and only a few to return.

Those who do, have no memory,

say it's all black.

Though it does not scare me,

I do not wish it upon myself and I hope others

have the same respect for me too.

In the past I lived in fear,

yet I've been so close I feel it's a part of me now.

I live yet feel dead inside,

the reek of death keeps others away,

the further they move the more I rot.

People have come closer to me

and I've started to change.

The more people live with me

in their lives the more alive I feel,

sometimes the feeling of death escapes me,

yet it always comes back in the end,

as it does for all of man.