Author - Jonathan Avis

Focus Poems... Real Stories



Copyright © Focus Poem  2015 | All Rights Reserved

The joy of meeting new people expands with me as I meet more,
never becoming obsolete.
Gaining momentum and confidence
with each word,
each friendship becomes easier each day.

Days become filled with activities and not
the same old things.
Creativity and spontaneity are key to keeping everything fresh,
the more you do, the broader you become,
the further and faster these friendships expand. 

Don't have a plan, let it flow, the more rigid you are,
the easier it is to break you.
Increasing flexibility allows for the extraordinary to happen,
possibly something you never dreamed of,
never expected.

Once you have gained these friends,
treat each day as if it where your first,
or your last.
The more interesting and exiting experiences you have,
the more memorable and important you become,
in their lives.

Lives may merge, almost becoming one,
yet impossible to happen.
Each individual is their own,
you cannot live life through another.
Those whom do are hollow in side.
Those who knock,
will know.