Author - Jonathan Avis

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The Addict

A minority of the population

yet they believe they have control,

control over others and over their mind,

yet a simple substance takes control over their soul.

Hunting and searching for more and more,

nothing's ever enough.

We need more than a simple drug.

The answer lies hidden within,

but we're to afraid to look,

because of all the darkness of our past.

So we just look outside at things

to try and fill that hole.

Sleeping with lights on

because we're afraid of the dark.

Paranoia kicks in and we kick back,

no time for us to waste away,

yet we do until we stop,

surrender and give in.

That's the only way to win,

the irony of the paradox so strong,

stronger than anything we've tried before.

It's the only thing that can open up the door to freedom,

the door to our soul, so that your soul can rule your mind,

and now it's time.

As tired as the moon,

which no longer shines,

the sun has taken its place,

taking my energy.

The wish to change - so strong,

yet I have no time.

Power saving mode activated,

my body running low on fumes.

Feels like I'm running on autopilot

just watching time tick.

Tick goes the hour glass;

the grains representing my life,

may it be many,

or few no more.