The Birds feather

Author - Jonathan Avis


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The birds feather allowing it to fly,

once the feather falls off the bird's wing

it becomes truly free. It becomes a part of nature's rugged beauty. It may stay where it fell or be blown several miles away if the winds allow it.

The feather's journey becomes unknown

to the bird who once owned it,

long forgotten yet not unseen to you or me.

It becomes anonymous and unique

creating it's own path through space and time,

perhaps even lasting longer than the bird

from which it once long ago came.

Used as fashion in a woman's hair

or even under your head at the place where you rest.

The use of it changing with time

until it will also return to the earth

as do all things of nature and even those of man.

Let nature be used by man, and man used by nature. They nurture one another with mother nature always being the Victor.

The war of time will in time come to an end,

so does the feather which will once again return to dust, just as the metals made by man doth rust.