Author - Jonathan Avis

Focus Poems... Real Stories



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The laughter of people fills my ears,

yet I am sceptical that it's real.

My whole life it's been directed at me,

this time is different,

these people are true.

It's something I'm not used to

and don't know how to handle.

I am accepted yet I try to exclude myself.

Things which are in reach,

I push away and try to grasp big,

better, heavier things which I cannot yet handle.

I suppose that is how one gets stronger,

but I've been trying so hard all my life,

longer than I can remember.

The question is if I've reached the best I can get, always enters my head.

Yet I know I've always underestimated myself,

hence why I will keep going

for the tougher things in life. 

the challenge