Today is the day for me to be truthful.

Not to others, but to myself.

No more lying and deceiving myself,

I must act upon what I feel

and what I want before it's to late.

Things change, people change,

but I want to become a part of that change.

As I change my view on the world and how I act,

others will change their view on me

and how they act towards me.

I will not be ashamed to be myself,

I will be free and express myself in any way

that I see fit.

Talk about what I want,

not what others want to hear.

Some may see it as selfish,

but my life is my own and only I can enjoy it.

Don't try and stop me,

because I've already started moving

and anything that steps in my way

will be pushed aside and left behind me

in the dust.  

The truth


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Author - Jonathan Avis